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We are only satisfied if you are – we want to earn your referrals and reviews.
Excellent Service Delivery. 
We have a Reputation of being Responsive to the Needs of our Clients.
We use only the Highest QUALITY of Materials Handling Equipment.
We have an Extensive Range of Castors & Wheels for a number of applications.
We Supply Castors, , Wheels, Pallet Jacks, Trolleys, Ladders & Scaffolding.
We provide the Highest Quality Workmanship & Services.
At Cape Castors we aim to become your preferred partner.

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Adrian Edwards

I purchased castor wheels and aluminium ladders from Cape Castors. Great Service from order to delivery. Morne Bothma and his team are both friendly and efficient. Again, I have nothing but praise and respect for this manager owner.

William Johnson

Excellent service delivery. Cape Castors provided good service with a smile. The entire process of ordering Pallet Jacks and Aluminum ladders was great and the order arrived even sooner than projected, much to my delight.

Heine Coetzer

I have ordered castor wheels from Cape Castors and we needed the items urgently. Firstly thank you very much for the order which arrived one day later. Many thanks again for your company’s good service.

Peter Marsh

The friendliness and service provided by Cape Castors was superb. They were quicker, cheaper, and more thorough than I expected, and I had high expectations! The following up and feedback on my purchase of castor wheels was exceptional. The first time here was great and I will use Cape Castors again.

Bryce Anderson

I purchased castors and wheels from Cape Castors. Excellent Service from order to delivery. Morne Bothma and his team are both friendly and efficient. Again, I have nothing but praise and respect for this manager owner.

John Williamson

Cape Castors were excellent and provided just what they said they would, on time, with no fuss or bother. I was disappointed with the service from other suppliers of castors and wheels. We found Morne Bothma and his staff helpfull and knowledgeable - A very well rounded and positive partner. Would definately suggest you use Cape Castors going forward.

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Castor Wheels

Castors Wheels Cape Town, Paarden Eiland and surrounding areas in the Western Cape.

Castors Wheels, Castors and Ladders, together with Scaffolding, Trolleys and Pallet Jacks is our core business. Our high quality and extensive range of castors & wheels caters for a number of applications.

Cape Castors – The goal is to find the best Wheel & Castor for every application. No matter if you require guide rollers, light duty or synthetic castors, fork lift wheels, castors for transport equipment, heavy duty castors or pallet truck rollers, our large range of wheels, swivel and fixed castors range offers the best solution for every application.

Contact Us today on 082 693 0000 for a free quotation or to discuss the best solution for your castor wheels needs.

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Castor Wheels Cape Town – Types of castor wheels that we can offer you:

Nylon wheels, polypropylene wheels, nylon polyurethane wheels, elastic rubber wheels, blue rubber wheels, solid rubber wheels, grey rubber wheels, hard rubber, non-marking rubber, cast iron wheels, aluminium wheels, cast iron polyurethane wheels (Cast iron wheels with polyurethane, chemically bonded to the cast iron centre. Pallet rollers (wheels for pallet jacks), wheel barrow wheels (or also known as split disc wheels)

Castor Wheels Cape Town Sizes:

Typical wheel sizes available within the local industry: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm and 400mm.

Available in the widest possible variety of sizes, styles and combinations in a range of performance variants to suit every application from trolleys and transports to chairs and railings, industrial castors offer:

Greater productivity for minimum outlay as handling times are dramatically reduced as process materials are kept moving.

Professionally designed and manufactured castors eliminate the risks associated with unsafe materials handling or the difficult movement of products, components or materials.

Versatile and flexible, castors can be adapted and reapplied for use in any dynamic manufacturing environment no matter how often plants, processes or locations may change.

Call Us today on 082 693 0000 for a Free Quotation.

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