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Cape Castors - Why Us?

We are only satisfied if you are – we want to earn your referrals and reviews.
Excellent Service Delivery. 
We have a Reputation of being Responsive to the Needs of our Clients.
We use only the Highest QUALITY of Materials Handling Equipment.
We have an Extensive Range of Castors & Wheels for a number of applications.
We Supply Castors, , Wheels, Pallet Jacks, Trolleys, Ladders & Scaffolding.
We provide the Highest Quality Workmanship & Services.
At Cape Castors we aim to become your preferred partner.

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Adrian Edwards

I purchased castor wheels and aluminium ladders from Cape Castors. Great Service from order to delivery. Morne Bothma and his team are both friendly and efficient. Again, I have nothing but praise and respect for this manager owner.

William Johnson

Excellent service delivery. Cape Castors provided good service with a smile. The entire process of ordering Pallet Jacks and Aluminum ladders was great and the order arrived even sooner than projected, much to my delight.

Heine Coetzer

I have ordered castor wheels from Cape Castors and we needed the items urgently. Firstly thank you very much for the order which arrived one day later. Many thanks again for your company’s good service.

Peter Marsh

The friendliness and service provided by Cape Castors was superb. They were quicker, cheaper, and more thorough than I expected, and I had high expectations! The following up and feedback on my purchase of castor wheels was exceptional. The first time here was great and I will use Cape Castors again.

Bryce Anderson

I purchased castors and wheels from Cape Castors. Excellent Service from order to delivery. Morne Bothma and his team are both friendly and efficient. Again, I have nothing but praise and respect for this manager owner.

John Williamson

Cape Castors were excellent and provided just what they said they would, on time, with no fuss or bother. I was disappointed with the service from other suppliers of castors and wheels. We found Morne Bothma and his staff helpfull and knowledgeable - A very well rounded and positive partner. Would definately suggest you use Cape Castors going forward.

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Ladders Cape Town

Ladders Cape Town and Paarden Eiland in the Western Cape.

Our collection of commercial, construction and special aluminium ladders comprise of stepladders, adaptable ladders, platform ladders, single aluminium ladders and aluminium extension ladders. They are easy to handle, light and strong making it fairly simple to relocate. You can visit our Gallery for some examples.

Contact Us Today on 082 693 0000 for a free quotation or to discuss your ladder needs.

aluminium ladders cape town

Everybody having the need for standard DIY jobs around their house will appreciate the many benefits of choosing aluminium ladders. Aluminium Ladders can be a very important tool to do many ordinary domestic jobs safely and efficiently. From changing an easy bulb to hanging a photo or painting the tops from the walls – a ladder assists you to make the job so much easier.

Ladders Cape Town – Benefits of Aluminium Ladders

They’re light and making it relatively easy to carry around

Quite strong, very durable and corrosion resistant

They are the perfect ladder package

It doesn’t need the regular maintenance procedures which are so important to keep a wooden ladder in a safe condition

Consistent strength – Being a construction material aluminium is both reliable and predictable due to the strict guidelines and operations which needs to be followed within its manufacture

Price of an aluminium ladder – it will be routinely cheaper than a ladder of similar size or style made from fibreglass or timber.

Aluminium Ladders Cape Town – Selecting the right ladder by choosing the correct load capacity.

Light Duty Aluminium Ladders (90kg)
Used mostly for Household Painting, Yard Work and Domestic purposes.
Medium Duty Aluminium Ladders (100kg)
Suitable for Commercial / Light Commercial, Painting, Cleaning and Light Repair.
Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladders (115kg)
Industrial General construction, Building, Maintenance and Dry walling
Extra Heavy Duty Aluminium Ladders (135kg)
Industrial Construction, Building, Roofing and General Construction

Contact Cape Castors Today on 082 693 0000 for a free quotation or to discuss your ladder needs.

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